Company Profile

Schaan Healthcare Products - Celebrating 38 years in business.

Since 1980, we have served healthcare providers in Saskatchewan by supplying quality products and customer service to fulfill logistical and supply needs. Traditionally, our staff have delivered to health care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and personal care homes. We've since expanded our offering to serve the tattoo, esthetics, and personal healthcare markets.

We believe that everyone deserves consistent and reliable healthcare experiences. We support this goal by:

  • Offering our knowledge of all available products and our experiences providing them
  • Providing supplies as facilities and end-users require
  • Leveraging our network of vendors to provide new products in response to the needs of our customers

We launched our online store in Fall 2017 to expand our service to the tattoo industry, as well as end users and facilities across Canada.

We provide value to our customers by offering product knowledge, logistical support, and friendly customer service. Our team of 27 helpful staff in Saskatoon are happy to serve and easily accessible by phone or email.

Schaan Home Healthcare

In April 2018 we opened a new retail location on Central Avenue in Saskatoon. From our home healthcare store we provide advice and products to serve the personal healthcare needs of those in the Saskatoon area.

Our History

Schaan Healthcare Products was founded by the late Mr. Gerald Schaan on July 1, 1980. Gerald was active in the healthcare distribution industry and saw Saskatchewan, previously underserved by national companies, as an excellent place to start a business. We started with 6 employees, and have since grown to 27 qualified and experienced staff, specializing in management, sales, clinical inservice, customer service, warehouse and distribution. Over the years our staff have truly become an extension of the Schaan family.

Gerald always believed our primary strength was our ability to provide the Saskatchewan healthcare market with quality brand name products through personalized yet professional service. Gerald's sons and daughters: Collin, Kevin, Rosann, and Shelly; and grandsons Spencer and Colton all play active roles in the company.

Our commitment to Gerald's founding ideals - excellence in distribution, logistics, and customer service - is what carries us into the future as a local, family business.

Schaan Healthcare 2017 Group Photo