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We specialize in providing you the right size and style of compression stockings for healthy legs. With options from Sigvaris, Juzo, Jobst, Mediven, and more; you’ll find a pair that feels great and looks great too!

Learn about compression stockings and visit Schaan Home Healthcare for a fitting. We are at 7-705 Central Ave in Saskatoon. No appointment necessary Monday through Friday!

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 Julius Villanueva, B. Sc (Kin), Certified Stocking FitterJulius Villanueva Certified Stocking Fitter

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Benefits of Wearing Compression

  • Prevent spider and varicose veins: Compression improves blood flow in legs and feet.
  • Lessen leg swelling: Keep you light and active on your feet!
  • Decrease the risk of blood clots: Blood clots often start in the legs. Compression helps prevent blood from pooling and clotting.
  • Look fashionable: With a variety of colors and patterns, you’ll be proud to show off your new “medicine”!

Who Typically Wears Compression?

  • Those looking for leg support: If you’re travelling, post-surgery, pregnant, or sitting/standing for long periods of time at work; compression can help relieve discomfort in your daily life.
  • People with venous disease: Compression can help manage varicose veins, leg swelling, and other complications of poor blood circulation.
  • People with lymphedema: Compression provides pressure needed to assist fluid drainage and reduce swelling.
  • Athletes: Improved blood flow from light/moderate compression assists in recovery from physical activity.

The Different Compression Levels

We offer stockings at a variety of compression levels. Each compression level has its purpose to suit the severity of your symptoms.

Over-the-counter compression: 15-20mmHg
Great for travellers and health-conscious individuals looking to prevent any of the medical complications that compression can help with.
Medical grade compression: 20-30mmHg and above
Heavier compression works best for those sitting or standing for long periods of time at work and others who already experience leg swelling and other complications.
Diabetic compression: 8-15mmHg
Lighter compression and no toe seams make diabetic socks ideal for anyone with sensitive legs and feet.

The Different Sock Types

Sheer: Thin, nylon stockings made for women only.

Soft-opaque: Lots of colours and styles available to match with your outfits.

Microfiber: Available in men’s and women’s. Lots of colours and patterns in solid, argyle, and stripes.

Cotton: Warm and breathable. Some cotton stockings have extra padding on the bottom for more comfortable feet!

Outdoor Merino Wool: Thick yet breathable socks. They provide lots of warmth for the winter season.

Open-toe: Ideal for those who find compression in the toes uncomfortable. Also great for wearing sandals!


Washing solution: Preserve the compression and quality of the stockings with soap made specifically for the material.
Body Glue: Keeps your stockings from sliding or rolling down your leg
Donning aids: Some people find heavy compression stockings difficult to put on and take off. The following donning aids will help:
  • Rubber gloves: Extra grip helps protect your fingers and the garment from damage.
  • Magnide & Slippie Gator: Apply with the stocking and slip off! Reduces friction for easy on and off.
  • Doff N’ Donner: Works by rolling the stocking up and down your leg for easy on and off.
  • Simon: Hold the handles and step right in! No need to bend over.

The Cost

Stockings are often covered by your healthcare insurance plan provided you have a prescription. They are also tax-exempt with your prescription. Visit your doctor to assess and prescribe the necessary compression level, and we’ll handle the rest.

Ordering Stockings

If you already know the size and style of stocking you need, you can place your order over phone and we will ship it to you. Please call us at 306-664-1190.

Even if we don’t have your size and preferred style in stock, we can order it from the manufacturer and ship it to you. Measuring you in-store means that you can be sure your stockings will fit without trying them on first!

Online ordering for Sigvaris 15-20mmHg stockings and accessories is available! For other brand and higher compression levels, call our store at 306-664-1190.

Schaan Home Healthcare Compression Stockings
Our over-the-counter compression stockings corner in our store.