Bemis® Wall Safe Sharps Container

SKU 282150-040
Bemis Sharps Containers feature a rotating cylinder top allowing for hands-free operation and a horizontal drop maximizing container volume. Ideal for areas where space and staff supervision is limited, the containers come with a built in needle key for the safe removal of needles when necessary and a permanent lock for final disposal. They are puncture resistant for added safety and translucent to help identify the fill level of the container.
✔ Accommodate a large variety of sizes of sharps
✔ Temporary and final closure
✔ Built-in handles for easy transport (excluding phlebotomy)
✔ Translucent containers and lids help identify fill level
✔ Nestable to save space and reduce shipping costs
✔ Horizontal drop on most units maximizes container volume
✔ Can be autoclaved or incinerated for final disposal
✔ Multilingual labeling ensures user safety
Keys for Wall Safe Bracket are needed to unlock sharps container from bracket.

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