Collar ’n‘ Cuff® Sling Material

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Versatile soft-foam material for customised slings and braces

With Collar‘n’Cuff®, you can construct effective, comfortable slings and braces to support your patients’ arms, wrists and shoulders – without the need for extra padding.

Collar’n’Cuff is a highly versatile, cost-effective solution. Simply cut the exact amount of material you need from a roll of Collar‘n’Cuff, then use the plastic fasteners supplied to hold it in place.

It is made from a soft-foam material in a knitted cotton tubular sleeve, which provides effective and comfortable support when fastened in position with the plastic strips.

  • For arm slings, wrist supports, clavicle braces or shoulder immobilisers
  • Supportive, strong and comfortable
  • Simple construction to enable rapid creation of tailor-made support 
  • Supplied in 6-metre rolls so you can cut the amount of material you need

When to use Collar ‘n’ Cuff

Collar‘n’Cuff can be used for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Balanced arm sling
  • Wrist support sling
  • Clavicle brace
  • Shoulder immobiliser

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