Crosstex® SANI High Level Disinfectant Holder

Unit of Measure

Sani HLD Holder is a basin that simplifies disinfection and sterilization of microblading needles and other instruments.

Convenient – Use with cleaners, disinfectants or cold sterilants
Easy-to-Use – Inner basket is easily removed and allows for convenient draining while hinged lid contains calendar to notate when solution needs to be changed
High-Capacity – Holds up to 3.8L of solution – 13 7/8” x 9 5/8” x 5 1/8” / 35.2cm x 24.4cm x 13cm

  • Holds 1 gallon liquid - fill line is marked in quarts and litres
  • Safe to use chemicals: cleaners (enzymes, detergents), disinfectants (phenols), cold sterilants
  • To drain liquid from tray, lift from solution, move forward, set on grooves provided in base.
  • Hinged, fitted cover
  • Made of #5 plastic, polypropylene

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