Drive® Deluxe Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

SKU 670BP3200
Take your blood pressure from the comfort of your home and avoid white coat hypertension. Wrist unit is smaller and more convenient than upper arm model.
  • Uses 2x AAA Batteries
  • WHO Classification
  • Irregular Heart Beat Detection
  • One Touch Operation
  • Large Easy-to-Read Screen
  • Date & Time Display
  • Pulse Rate Indicator
  • Digital Error Messages
  • Travel Bag
  • Auto-Off Function
  • Memory Stores 120 Readings (2 x 60)
  • Average Last 3 Results


Unit Dimensions 3.31" x 2.52" x 1.14"
Carton Size 14.4" x 13.8" x 8.2"
Measurement Method Oscillometric Method
Measurement Range Pressure: 0mmHg~300mmHg Pressure: +/- 3mmHg
Power Supply 2x AAA Batteries
Auto Power Off 3 Minutes After Last Reading
Cuff Size 5"–8.5"
Memory Capacity 2 x 60 Reading with Date & Time
Operation Environment 50°F to 104°F, <85% RH
LCD Size 1.93" x 1.50"
Warranty 2 Years
Available in-store at: Schaan Home Healthcare Logo  Quantities available in-store may vary. 
Please call ahead 306-664-1190.

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