DRI Sleeper® Excel Bedwetting Alarm

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Quality & Effectiveness

Simple and effective, the Excel is the original DRI Sleeper alarm and has been used successfully for decades by hundreds of thousands of children worldwide to cure bedwetting. This alarm is often used in hospital clinics due to its reliability, robust design and affordability.

Dual Sided Conductive Plastic Sensor

The Excel's unique Urosensor is made out of conductive plastic, so there is no risk of corrosion, making it safe & easy to clean. The plastic is also flexible which makes it more comfortable to wear. The Excel Urosensor has a large catchment area and 9 sensing strips on both sides. This is ideal for boys who don't always wet in the same position. The sensor can be inserted directly into your child's underwear to catch the first drops of urine and trigger the alarm.

The Lightest Compact Body-Worn Alarm Available

The DRI Sleeper excel alarm is a body-worn alarm which is clipped to your child's night clothes. The alarm is very loud and is set at the best resonant frequency to wake your child from sleep.

The Excel alarm comes with one Urosensor™ and batteries. 

How to place the sensor

  • In a mini-pad
  • In between two pairs of underwear
  • In diapers/pull-ups

Available in-store at: Schaan Home Healthcare Logo  Quantities available in-store may vary. 
Please call ahead 306-664-1190.

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