Dynarex® Reusable Hot and Cold Gel Packs

SKU 6204506
Unit of Measure
Combines the healing power of hot and cold therapy into one convenient pack.
  • Delivers soothing relief from: Sore muscles, arthritis, sprains, swelling, common aches and bruising
  • Retains a therapeutic temperature for approximately 20 minutes
  • Freeze or microwave: follow instructions listed on the gel package to ensure proper use
  • Reusable and non-toxic
  • Latex, lead and BPA-free
Item No. Description
4504 Reusable Hot / Cold Gel Packs - 4" X 6"
4505 Reusable Hot / Cold Gel Packs - 5" X 11"
4506 Reusable Hot / Cold Gel Packs - 6" X 9"

 For ice, heat therapy. 

      Available in-store at: Schaan Home Healthcare Logo  
      7-705 Central Ave, Saskatoon | 306-664-1190
      Quantities available in-store may vary.

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