MetriClean2™ Multipurpose Instrument Cleaner

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MetriClean2 is used to pre-clean critical or semi-critical medical devices prior to terminal sterilization or high level disinfection. Additionally, it is a polisher and cart washer agent. The alkaline-pH, low-foaming, concentrated cleaner is ideal for stainless steel instruments and cart washers. It enhances functionality and life of the instruments by helping to remove stains and reduce corrosion. It is ideal for use in manual cleaning systems, washer sterilizers, washer decontaminators, ultrasonic cleaners and cart washers.

✔ Cleans blood and organic soils
✔ Removes stains
✔ Increases instrument functionality
✔ For use in most water conditions
✔ Restores shine
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A dangerous goods surcharge may apply to the MetriClean2 3.8L jug, as per transportation regulations.
For Saskatoon customers: we will deliver to you without a dangerous goods surcharge.
For customers outside Saskatoon: Please add to cart the $38.00 Dangerous Goods Surcharge so we can ship your order. This only applies if we are shipping to outside of Saskatoon.
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