PRI·MED Overhead Protective Film Gown

SKU 145PM4-88335
Unit of Measure
Thumbloops | Open Back | Blue
About The Gown
Made of a single, lightweight layer of protective polyethylene film with an open back design, this gown provides the highest level of protection from fluids and contaminants with the breathability to keep the wearer cool and comfortable on the job.
Protection Standards
  • Impact Penetration: ≤1.0 g
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: ≥50 cm

Features & Benefits

  • Polyethylene Film: A single layer of film creates maximum barrier protection against fluids and contaminants.
  • Overhead Neck Closure: Allows quick and easy donning and doffing, minimizing contact with harmful fluids.
  • Open Back Design: Provides enhanced breathability for clinician comfort.
  • Thumbloops: Keep gown sleeves in place under gloves to protect vulnerable skin from harmful substances and bacteria.

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