PrimaTouch® Response Nitrile Exam Gloves (300 per box)

SKU 145PM6-2605

Featuring Advanced Film-Form Technology, the PrimaTouch® Response is an extremely lightweight, form fitting and comfortable glove; while providing an excellent barrier against bacteria and viruses. In addition to meeting and exceeding ASTM and Health Canada standards, the Response has been tested to withstand 13 chemotherapy drugs - ensuring complete protection and peace of mind.

✓ Advanced Film-Form Technology that allows for an excellent barrier while being extremely comfortable
✓ Fully micro-textured with enhanced finger texturing
✓ Meets and exceeds ASTM and Health Canada standards
✓ Tested for use with chemotherapy drugs (ASTM D6978)
✓ Unique colour coded packaging system for effortless size identification
✓ Powder-free
✓ Dark violet colour
✓ 300 gloves/box (XL-250 gloves/box)

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