TENA® Soothing Cream 100ml

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TENA® Soothing Cream contains moisturizing oils and vitamin E to help maintain skin health. It helps to keep potential irritants away from the skin by creating a moisture repellent barrier layer. It offers smooth application. Plus, TENA® Soothing Cream is scent free, making it the smart choice for extra sensitive skin.

  • Supports preventative skin health
  • Easy skin assessment
  • Non-clogging

    Supports preventative skin health

    Soothes chafed or chapped skin.

    Easy skin assessment

    Allows for visualization after application in order to check skin condition.


    Does not clog incontinence products when used as directed.


    Available in a handy tube size.


    Unscented for use on extra sensitive skin. Perfect for facilities calling for scent free formulations.

    Available in-store at: Schaan Home Healthcare Logo  
    Quantities available in-store may vary. 
    Please call ahead 306-664-1190.

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