TheraBand® Roller Massager+

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The Standard TheraBand Roller Massager+ measures in at 21” long and is perfect for breaking up “knots” in muscles to promote increased blood flow, improved circulation, and increase flexibility. The Standard Roller features textured handles for improved grip while in use to target sore or stiff muscles. Excellent for personal or professional use.

  • Unique ridged design allows the roller for better grip on the skin, providing more effective relief for tight and sore muscles
  • A perfect companion for any rehabilitation program, allowing you to perform self-massage on all major muscle groups
  • The Roller Massager+ is a great tool for warming up muscles before exercising and recovery afterwards to reduce muscle soreness post-exercise or physical activity
  • Great for trigger point release, self-massage, and rubbing out cramped or sore muscles after exercise or rehabilitation
  • Research proven roller increases flexibility, improves range of motion, and prevents delayed onset muscle soreness within seconds
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