Therall™ Arthritis Joint Warming Ankle Support

SKU 370539024CA
Unit of Measure

Light compression with ceramic fibers to penetrate body heat deep into the joints and tissues for long-lasting pain relief.

  • Warmth helps relieve pain associated with arthritis
  • Knitted with ceramic fibres to retain body heat and slowly reflect it back deeply into the aching joint
  • Light compression to reduce swelling
  • Air permeable and flexible material for higher comfort of movement
  • Light, comfortable and low-profile
  • Latex Free
  • Beige
For sizing, measure circumference around ankle.
Size Fits
S 6.25-8.25"
M 8.25-10.25"
L 10.25-12.75"
XL 12.25-15.5"
XXL 15.5-17"
Available in-store at:
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Quantities available in-store may vary. 
Please call ahead at 306-664-1190.

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