TuliGEL Classic Heel Cups

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All of the shock absorption of the popular Classic Heel Cups with the softness of TuliGEL makes these Classic Gel Heel Cups flexible enough for any shoe! Wear these insoles to work, school, around the house and anywhere you go to protect your foot and walk more comfortably. Think less about the pain and more about what you have to do for the day with these high-quality and durable heel cups designed for personal use.

  • Made of TuliGEL to provide maximum comfort and heel strike protection
  • Available in two sizes that fit most shoes to find the fit that accommodates to your shoes
  • Designed to be used by those who suffer pf acute or post-surgical pain
  • Sold in pairs
    Available in-store at: Schaan Home Healthcare Logo  
    7-705 Central Avenue, Saskatoon
    Quantities available in-store may vary. 
    Please call ahead 306-664-1190.

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