A Note on Gloves

Exam gloves and surgical gloves are unavailable on this website at this time - but they are available to our existing customers in Saskatchewan.

If you have ordered gloves from us in the past you can contact our customer service team for assistance with pricing and product availability. Purchases will be limited in quantity based on your purchase history (for each SKU) before COVID-19 – your monthly average from Aug 2019 through Jan 2020. Allocation limits are reset at the beginning of each month. If necessary, we will offer a different type of glove as a substitute.


Medical Clinics: Please click this link to navigate to our clinic ordering platform. From there, you can request a login if you do not already have one.

All Other Customers in Saskatchewan: Call us at 1-800-667-3786 to order items that are unavailable or 'Sold Out' on this website


PriMED® Wall-Mount Glove Box Holders

✔ Universal, fits most glove box sizes ✔ Wall-mountable ✔ Keeps glove organized and accessible

from $28.10

Bowman® Coated Wire Glove Box Dispensers

Wire is Both Functional and Economical Dispensers made of wire provide a cost effective alternative and a simple solution for holding glove boxes. ...

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from $28.10

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