We Have Been a Trusted Partner in Delivering Capital Projects to Healthcare Facilities in Saskatchewan



Throughout each stage of these projects, we have provided a high level of personalized service to all stakeholders. Great care and attention to all the details, no matter how small, keeps everything on time and as stress free as possible.

Our locally based team has been a “familiar face” at these facilities while providing value added services that only a Saskatchewan company can offer:

  • In-Person Consultation & Needs Assessment
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Logistical Planning & Co-ordination
  • Local Warehousing and Flexible Timelines
  • Professional Delivery, Unpacking, & Setup
  • Manipulation and Placement of Equipment and Furniture
  • Cleanup and Disposal of Packing Materials
  • Setup and Calibration of Medical Devices
  • After Sales Service & Support

Read below about some of the recent capital projects we have been honoured to partner with.



Big River First Nation Health Centre

April 2024

Staff members delivered medical equipment and supplies to a brand new clinic in Big River First Nation. This included items such as exam tables, exam stools, exam lights, diagnostic wall systems, scales, instrument stands, and a variety of medical supplies. They unloaded, unwrapped, and installed the pieces into 2 rooms in the clinic.  





Martensville Medical Clinic

March 2024

Our staff delivered, unpacked, and installed exam room equipment at a brand new medical clinic in Martensville. A total of 26 items were delivered to setup 6 rooms, including wall boards, exam tables, exam lights, glove box dispensers, and scales. 




Prairie Medical Clinic

November 2023

Staff members delivered medical equipment and instruments to Moose Jaw with our delivery truck. This included items such as exam tables, exam stools, procedure chairs, procedure ceiling lights, autoclaves, diagnostic wall systems, utility carts, AEDs, adult and pediatric scales, and wheelchairs. They unloaded, unwrapped, and arranged the pieces into 17 different rooms in the clinic.  





Saskatoon Correctional Centre

March 2023

Our staff delivered furniture to setup inmate rooms at the Saskatoon Provincial Correctional Centre. The items were received by staff on site and then unpacked and carried to each room. A total of 215 pieces of furniture were delivered: 50 beds, 52 mattresses, 58 chairs, 50 desks, 2 night stands and 3 dining tables. This collection of furniture is specially designed with rounded corners and edges for enhanced safety, stain-resistant material for effortless maintenance, and can be filled with sand or bolted to the floor to stay in place. 




Woodland Wellness Centre

May 2022

Staff members loaded up and delivered medical equipment and furniture to La Ronge with our delivery truck. This included recliners, waiting room chairs, power exam tables, diagnostic sets, and various other items. They spent the day unloading, unwrapping, and arranging the pieces into multiple rooms. Packing materials, such as boxes and plastic wrap, were folded up and disposed of by our team. 





Prince Albert Co-operative Health Centre

March 2022

We spent a few days delivering and installing exam room equipment and furniture to Prince Albert. We set up items such as exam tables, diagnostic sets, vital signs monitors, exam lights, and side chairs. 





Jim Pattison Children's Hospital

Summer 2019

Our team delivered, unpacked, and installed items at the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital prior to their grand opening. We setup departments on each of the 4 floors such as the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic, Pediatric Surgery Suites, Emergency Departments, Pediatric Inpatient Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Maternal Services, and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The pieces delivered included everything from diagnostic devices, exam room equipment, patient furniture and mobility aids to cribs, freezers, excercise machines and hampers. Warranty issues, such as goods arriving damaged or pieces missing, were addressed by our team in a timely manner to ensure everything was ready to go on opening day.





Cornerstone Medical Clinic

October 2018

Exam tables, diagnostic sets, exam lights, blood pressure monitors, autoclaves, ECGs and hand sanitizer dispensers were delivered, unpacked, and installed at the brand new Cornerstone Medical Clinic in Stonebridge. Our team setup 13 rooms in the clinic from the ground up with MOA stations equipped and ready to go for their opening day. The clinic recently expanded in 2022 and our staff delivered and installed equipment in the additional 2 rooms. 


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