Evergreen Elevate Heel Elevation & Suspension Cushion


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The Elevate is a heel elevation and suspension cushion designed to safely protect and off-load high risk ankles and heels.

The contoured shape of breathable gel-infused memory foam provides maximum immersion and pressure redistribution along the calf, so the heels can be free from contact with the mattress surface.

The Elevate is suitable for clients at high-risk for skin breakdown due to circulation and/or skin issues, or for those who have an existing pressure injury on the heels or ankles. The Elevate is comfortable and promotes maintained leg positioning through raised side bolsters and stays in place against the mattress surface with a non-slip bottom cover. The simple design allows for ease-of-use in any care environment.

Made in Canada and environmentally concious. The Elevate has CertiPUR-US® certified foam (free from harmful chemicals) and BioFlx® sustainable foam (same comfort as traditional foam but with a smaller environmental footprint).

Clinical Benefits for Skin Protection


Contoured shape of breathable gel-in foam provides maximum surface contact for the posterior lower extremity.


High risk heels and ankles can be safely off-loaded with pressure redistributed along the calf area. All contact surfaces are contoured to promote even weight bearing and gel-in foam edges reduce development of pressure points.

Friction and Shear Reduction

Highly immersive gel-in foam top layer reduces any contact with firm surfaces/edges as clients move while sleeping. Cooling properties of the gel-in foam and breathable cover fabric reduce temperature and humidity buildup to decrease risk of skin “sticking” to the cover causing friction and skin tears


Side bolsters maintain position of legs on the surface. Gel-in foam promotes maximum immersion and protection should lower legs move during sleep and make contact with the cushion.


Gel-in foam reduces heat and humidity leading to discomfort. Immersion allows full contact and reduces pressure points along the lower extremities. Cushion is not attached to the body and therefore allows for movement of legs while sleeping enhancing client comfort.

Breathable Stretch Cover

The cover is designed with pressure distribution characteristics (stretch and breathability) to ensure optimal performance of the gel-in foam. The cover incorporates ultrasonic welded seam technology to meet infection & pest control standards. The GripEx bottom fabric reduces movement and sliding against mattress surface to maintain position. Zipper placed on bottom of the cover reduces any potential contact with skin.


High-density base layer to maintain shape, provide structure and keep the Elevate in-place. High-density foam has a longer useful life and will ensure Elevate stays in-place.

CertiPUR-US® & BioFlx®

The Certi-Pur® seal means the Elevate has been tested to meet rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance and durability. The foam is made without ozone depleters and other harmful chemicals. Our BioFlx® foam has same high comfort and performance with a smaller environmental footprint by replacing fossil fuel ingredients with natural seed-based oils such as soybeans - which lesses greenhouse gas emissions.


Cover designed to be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant wipes to promote ease-of-cleaning and infection control. Cover fluid-resistant, non-allergenic, antibacterial and tested ton ensure a long life in all care environments.


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More Info


26" Width x 18" Depth x 5" Height


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