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Hypafix® Skin Sensitive is the ideal wide area fixation tape for delicate, sensitive skin. Its soft silicone adhesive substrate enables health care professionals to find the right balance between secure fixation and gentle care, in particular when extremely sensitive skin such as baby's skin, aging skin, parchment skin or medicinally stressed skin is at risk. It can be cut to the desired size to cater for any wound size. Even on contoured parts of the body, fixation becomes simple and the freedom of movement is barely restricted. The specific adhesive properties of Hypafix® Skin Sensitive keeps skin cells intact and allow repositioning without stressing the skin. Pain-sensitive patients will appreciate the atraumatic removal, and even fragile skin won’t be at risk while removing or repositioning the dressing. The high moisture vapor transmission rate lets the skin breath and reduces the risk of maceration. Hypafix® Skin Sensitive dressings are radio transparent and do not have to be removed for X-ray examinations.


This wide area fixation is permeable to air and water vapor, which protects periwound skin, prevents maceration and supports healing.

Gentle fixation

Secure fixation of dressings or additional fixation of devices, yet gentle on highly sensitive, fragile or compromised skin, including elderly, infant, cracked, medication-damaged and diabetic skin.

Low allergy potential

Made from specific materials to ensure low sensitization or allergy potential, making it ideal for those suffering from allergies to traditional adhesives.

Minimal damage or pain on removal

Atraumatic removal, with reduced risk of adhesive-related skin injuries and significantly reduced pain at removal or during readjustment.

Water-repellent for quick showers

The surface keeps dirt, water and debris away from wound area to help prevent infection.


Retains adhesive strength even when readjusted multiple times.


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