Tensoplast® Bandages

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The elastic Tensoplast® LF bandage, now available latex-free in the quality you trust. It provides flexible strong support and compression thanks to its porously high-quality substrate. Its superior stretch and adhesive keeps the bandages firmly in place even throughout lengthy treatment. Trusted patient comfort and compliance for those sensitive to latex make Tensoplast® LF the optimal choice for a wide range of indications.

Latex-free fabric

  • Suitable for patients with latex allergies
  • Well tolerated by the skin

Permeable material

  • Lets air and moisture pass through
  • Reduced risk of maceration

High-quality elastic substrate

  • Conformable and strong
  • Provides strong support and compression

Adhesive coating

  • Keeps the bandage in place
  • High wearing comfort

Yellow center line

  • Permits accurate overlap during application
  • Quick and easy to apply


  • Treatment of all conditions which require limitation of movement, e.g. sprains and strains, sport injuries
  • Prophylactic use in active sport
  • Strong support and consistent control for injured ligaments or joints


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